3 things to try for the first time on holiday

The yearly holiday is something that we look forward to all year round, an hour of daydreaming about our holidays is the perfect antidote to winter chills and April showers. As one of the premier luxury hotels in Majorca we understand the importance of summer holidays and the opportunities that they present. If you are planning a holiday this year then we have a few suggestions of activities that can  be incredibly rewarding and are perfect to be started on your holiday;

New food

When you go on holiday you want to really immerse yourself in the culture of your chosen location and there is no better expression of a culture than its food. For far too long Briton’s have been guilty of taking their food preferences with them and demanding the exact same food that they have back home on their holiday. The first step to experiencing new foods is to leave the British meals in Britain and try some local delicacies that you have never tried before.  A great way to make sure that you get a real treat is to ask in a restaurant what their speciality is and order it. Who knows this year you may well bring back a new favourite dish.


majorcan food


Getting out on the water

With all the best will in the world, Britain is not the premier destination to sample water sports and boat trips as you will usually end up cold and rather disappointed. Holidays are a different story though and they present the perfect opportunity to get out on the water and enjoy the delights of the ocean. Whether you choose to go for a sedate boat trip or an adrenaline fuelled ride on a jet ski you are sure to love getting out on the waves. The wonderful thing about the Mediterranean climate is the fact that even if you do get soaked, 10 minutes on a lounger on the beach will remedy the situation perfectly.





Now dancing is something that we shy away from far too much and there is often a lot of embarrassment or alcohol involved in approaching the dance floor. A holiday is the perfect opportunity to build up your confidence and to start really enjoying a good boogie. The best way to approach your first holiday is to try and learn one of the local dances from the chosen area. The beauty of this is that everyone will expect you to be terrible at it so the pressure’s off. Who knows? You might even find that you are a virtuoso dancer that just needed the introduction of a new style.


majorca dancing


So if you have every detail of your holiday planned out then why not find room in your schedule for something that you have never done before? If you haven’t yet planned it and you are looking for the perfect Majorcan break then don’t hesitate to contact us today and our friendly team will be happy to help.


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