Preparation is the key to a stress free holiday

Every year millions of Britain’s take to the sky in search of the sunnier climes available on the continent. One of the most common reasons for going on holiday is to get away from the everyday grind and get some much needed rest and relaxation.


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There is no denying that a walk along the warm blonde sands and a dip in the cool blue Mediterranean is the perfect way to wash away any stress. Top this off with a tasty and vibrant evening meal and you are likely to forget all about whatever stresses you have left behind. The idea of simply packing a bag and taking off for a relaxing break is undoubtedly a very attractive one. The reality is that these types of trips take a good amount of preparation in order to ensure they are not simply another source of stress.


Here at Hotel Sis pins we like to think that we know a thing or two about relaxing holidays. We are one of the premier hotels in Puerto Pollensa  and are perfectly placed only metres from the beautiful coast. We have also seen our fair share of unprepared travellers and the stresses that they go through; lack of organisation really can ruin a holiday.


We all know the obvious things not to forget but it is those little things that can cause problems as your holiday gets closer. With this in mind we have decided to put together our own little guide on exactly how to prepare for your perfect holiday:




The first step is to get it booked; make sure that it correlates with your holidays at work, and then pick your favourite location and go ahead. It is important to make sure that you do not skip over any part of the booking process, check and double check to ensure there is nothing that you have missed.  There are several ways in which you can take money abroad; whether it be cash, travellers checks or if you take your card away with you, it is important to make sure that you have enough to last and a little in reserve for emergencies.




This section should be tackled along with the other documentation of the holiday but we have given it its own section to highlight exactly how important it is. Holiday insurance is cheap and can be arranged in only a few minutes, it really must be one of your top priorities when booking a holiday. The consequences for those that forget and then go on to receive treatment can be financially ruinous.




If you have any medication then no doubt you will have made sure that you have enough of it to cover you throughout your holiday. One thing to remember though is that Europe has different restrictions on certain medications from country to country. Before you go away ensure that your medication is allowed to enter your chosen destination, if not then you will need to seek a doctor’s note in order to take it with you.




Over the summer, kennels and other pet care facilities become full very quickly so it is important to book these early. If you choose to leave pets with family or friends then it is important to make sure that they will definitely be available at the time. If your pets have any special dietary or medical requirements then make sure that those that care for them are aware of these.


Home security


The last thing that you want when you go away is to be constantly worried about your home and whether you left it completely secure. The best way to stay stress free throughout your holiday is to leave a trusted neighbour or a family member with a key and ask them to regularly visit the house to make sure that it doesn’t look empty.


By checking that you have completed the five above steps before you go away you will avoid many of the most common stresses that interrupt your holiday relaxation. Though these preparations may take up a little extra time, they are sure to make those dreamy days by the sea all the sweeter.


If you are still looking to book your stay in Mallorca then don’t try any other Puerto Pollensa hotels, head straight to our booking page to start your journey toward holiday perfection!


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