Traditional Food from Mallorca!

When you go away on a holiday or adventure you really need to harness the full cultural experience to make the most out of your stay! (You can’t go to Australia without throwing a boomerang!) One massive part of the cultural experience has to be food! Everywhere you go there will be some exciting new cuisine just waiting to tickle your taste buds!

So, what fantastic food does Mallorca have to offer?



An extremely popular breakfast on the island is an Ensaimada. This local delicacy is a yeast bun in the form of a spiral that is dusted with icing sugar. When people try to make these off the island it always ends in failure. The local sea air has been said to benefit the rising dough.


There are hundreds of local delicacies that you could eat for lunch. Why not try local Grimalt cheese? Cocorrois are also popular. These are delicious pastries that resemble a Cornish pasty, usually filled with Mediterranean vegetables.


If you are a real meat lover the island makes some fantastic sausages, but you must try a Sobrassada! This is a cured sausage made with ground pork, paprika, and other spices!

Evening Meal

For your evening meal why not try the local version of paella, Fideua. This is a dish that is made with noodles similar to vermicelli! Another popular main course is the Tombet. This is a vegetable dish made from sliced potatoes, aubergines, and red bell peppers, topped with tomato fried in garlic, so it resembles a crust-less pie!


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